Always the right Person in the right Place at the right Time

Would you like to make the best use of the existing resources and qualifications of your staff in the everyday running of your business? And would you like to link up all the different schedules with your clients, employees, and projects?

To do that, you need the right strategy and proper placement. You also need centralized digital planning. Do you want to plan your operations even better right now?

Let the human resources management (HRM) function in esoffice help you:

  • Optimize use of capacity and resources
  • Reduce the burden of planning and administration
  • Improve efficiency by employing staff according to need and qualification
  • Achieve high quality planning in personnel and time resources
  • Deal with clients reliably and punctually
  • Improve clarity and availability of real-time process information
  • Compare personnel availability with personnel requirement with one mouse click
  • View the available technicians e.g. in order of their distance from the job location using the "Dispatching" planning wizard

Make intelligent use of your most valuable resource - your staff!



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