Welcome to CRAFTVIEW!

es2000 Errichter Software GmbH is part of the CRAFTVIEW group of companies.

This opens up completely new possibilities for our customers and offers many advantages. Because CRAFTVIEW bundles the most proven software solutions from the most diverse sectors within the trade and construction industry, creating a powerful know-how platform.

CRAFTVIEW makes the difference!

CRAFTVIEW software solutions are developed by industry professionals for the specific industry. Unlike generic trades software, CRAFTVIEW solutions meet specific industry needs from the start.

Smart industry features make your work easier, proven processes speed up your workflows, and connections to key industry partners are a given.

Our teams speak your language. Regular dialog with our customers has a strong influence on further developments.

Professional customer support is a matter of course for us: Before the purchase, during commissioning and also later in day-to-day business, we support you with training, competent consultants and support professionals. An online customer portal is available to you around the clock.

Your investment is future-proof. CRAFTVIEW is one of the largest companies for craftsmen software in Europe. We make sure that your software is regularly state-of-the-art and suits you. And if your requirements change, then our Flex promise applies: If another CRAFTVIEW product suits you better, we will support you in switching!

Our software solutions are among our customers‘ most important tools. They give them a professional edge and increase productivity and efficiency. Through continuous investment in our products, we accompany our customers on their development path from startup to large enterprise with the right solutions for each case.

CRAFTVIEW was launched in Germany in 2020, where the group is now the market leader in several market segments. CRAFTVIEW has also already gained a foothold in the Benelux region with several brands and has conquered various market niches.

For more information, visit the website at www.craftview.de.

es2000 Errichter Software GmbH is one of the leading software houses on the market of industry solutions for GMA/security installer companies, ITC system houses, fire protection companies, elevator construction companies with a focus on modernization and service as well as for industries with comparable processes.

Since 1992 ES2000 stands for excellent products, highest customer satisfaction and excellent service. Since 2020, ES2000 is part of the CRAFTVIEW Group, in which meanwhile more than 300 employees show full commitment every day to optimally support all business customers in their digitalized daily work!

The team of ES2000 will continue to give everything to defend the top position on the market and to remain the leading solution for the target industries. In this way, customers will continue to receive the best possible ES2000 experience!

The business units of CRAFTVIEW at a glance:

For painters, plasterers, plastering & drywall construction companies and similar trades

For GMA/security installers & fire protection companies, ITC system houses and industries with comparable processes

For gardening and landscaping companies

For carpenters, joiners & roofers as well as other woodworking trades

For electrical and plumbing contractors

For painters, plumbers, roofers and real estate maintenance companies as well as many other industries from the Benelux countries.